"We enjoy educating consumers about flooring, helping them find what they really need and want, and give 10% of their sale to help others in need.  We have been helped by others over the decades and always believed it is a two way street.  Helping those in need of food, clothing, shelter and love is a beautiful way to live.  And a beautiful way to love."

                                                Greg & Sharon Peeno, Owners

A respected and sought after flooring contractor, Builders Carpet, dba Flooring Missions, 

specializes in flooring of all kinds for Builders, Remodelers and Homeowners

who want value, practibility and awesome service. 

Our more than 40 years of experience provides you with confidence in the work and assurance in the end result.


         Serving Customers for over 40 years.

          Thank You for Supporting Our Small 

                       Family Owned Business. 

                We are Very Grateful for You!